Friday, July 16, 2010


it was suppose a very sad post , hmmm :/ trials is just around the corner, yea i've to work on it i kno. i'm really afraid that i might get failed or what cuz i don't want to dissapoint my mum and dad , you know. they put on the biggest hope on me cuz i'm the smallest daughter among the wooi family , yes i'm a lil stress up and a lil afraid . i talked to mum yesterday , i was very upset about dad . he's been ignoring me these few days , yes never talked :/ i tried to talked to him but it seems i failed to do it . everytime i just see him , i'll turn around my face and ignore , almost everytime . i dont want our relationship like shit now . what should i do ? should i ignore or try to put more effort in ? i was so tired , i couldn't talk , i couldnt explain how sad am i . i couldnt just do it , it was just a nightmare , sometime i think you shouldn't born me to this world. it's so heartache seeing you ignoring me , sigh. i hope everything okay soon . finger cross for me.

i wanna to post more and more & more , just the whole page will be okay for me. & i wanna the whole world know what's my problem , probbaly could give me some advices , am not in the mood really . am just need someone to talk to , mayb shireen will do . yea, where is she ? where are you? i'm finding her , she'll be the first one i find if i got problem , thanks . sometimes she just cheer me up a lot , you kno. with her stupidness , yea :)


Saturday, July 10, 2010

P/S: to papa

papa, i'm sorry. i might very rude today, but sometimes i really fed up of everything. like i don't wanna live in this world anymore, even dont want born in this life. like i don't even wanna to stay at this fking world live. i feel very suffer everytime once i get back home, without you smiling at me. this make my heart really ache so much. i just wish eveytime i get back home you'll just smile at me or mayb just a single hug will be. daddy , i miss the way how last time you love me, pamper me and such . i really do. everythings change. i'm sorry for my result but at least you can be more gentle to me and say work harder next time or what. it just will help me. it does. papa, i love you and sometimes you're making me hate you. i'm sorry for everything. could you just listen to me once? just once is enough. everything change if time go by. papa i miss you D: i need you to hug me now, but too bad time go by and never waits for me. paa, would you just pamper me for the last time ? you used to do this to me. imma a bitch. i'm not qualified enough to be your proud lil daughther. Mayb you got her is just enough you don't need me. I'm sorry pa. but i love you. btw papa i'm wearing your shirt, your nike shirt. papa i love you and i'm sorry

Thursday, June 17, 2010

heeeee :)

16 jun 2010
today no tuition so i was at home onlining and rotting slowly , and i was suppose to hang out with stephWANG, cheyanKHOO , sherlyene and chiuNIE yet daddy changed his mind and don't let me go and hang out with them ! D: i miss steph so much , like almost 1 and a half year didn't meet . deng , stephWANG i miss you D: i was so upset and moody that time cuz i can't meet my steph and cheyan D: sighs , thinking back those memories that me , cheyan and steph when we all in form 1 and it's so memorable ! thinking back it gaves me heartache . pls it's cute k ? heee
stephWANG: i miss you D: i've to wait until next hols ? god D:

Friday, June 11, 2010

leave me alone:(

I feel very empty now . it's 1 smtg and i couldn't sleep . feel like banging smtg . i really don't care anymore like seriously no ? i dropped everything and this is it , i fking don't like it and i don't give it a damn . i don't care less or more , cuz you really irrates me , a lot . there's really about you are special enough for other people but for me it's a zero agreement , i don't care what the fuck you want since you hate me that much , yes you are i admit it . fuck you off bitch , grrrrr .

Thursday, June 10, 2010

life is complicated

life can be very complicated , it's depends whether you control it good or bad , it's depends on whether you handle it bad or good . I've thought before of commit suicide just because i can't accept who i am and who people are . And yes , i'm really stupid for have this kind of thinking way . i'm thinking way too much that time . I've just thought maybe i should just ignore it and have my life . life is simple . don't make it complicated , that's it . That's what we can do to make life simple . Isn't that easy ? everyone says that . but when they face smtg really hard i bet them wouldn't say that anymore , they'll think twice . bet with me . I win it . Does it really matter for anyone who don't like me and such ? yes , everyone has their own hater and enemy but i rather makes friend than enemy . i got everyone got . even god got cuz maybe someone hate them for being good ? their bad not ours . we do sins ojay so we couldn't blame on them . Not much as those politics , you can imagine how many people hate them . i mean a lot ? almost billions ? that's what life are . if you treat people good , they treat better than that . but if you treat them bad , then ready for people taking knife coming towards you and say you little bitch , I'm gonna kill you . that's i thought . everyone got their different thinking . not everyone the same . they born in this world but not the same parents . that's what i mean you get that ? instead of being bad why dont change yourself to be good ? It's not necessary in one hours you totally into another person , that will be crazy just a little bit changes , that makes people happy . yeah , that's what i mean . oh i don't feel posting anymore , I'm gotta accompany my sis joo leang watch horror movie , her favourite . yes , and btw i really effin fed up with someone who really hates me and such . so do i . who cares ? pffff .

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

trust or hate?

It's been a long time i didnt update my blog . I deleted my previous post cuz sometime when i read it i feel like annoying ? yes for me . i've been checking up facebook and such . somehow i think someone just gossiping around ? Listen here bitch or maybe a whore ? i don't fking care what the fuck you guys wanna do but remember mind your words fuck whore . I'm bitch ? So what ? I dont fking care okay . if you don't like me around that fking tuition that just stop that tuition . am i fking disturbing ? I guess no rite ? actually you guys fking disturbing me . I wont apology or maybe sorry begging you let me go ? eww , talk to my shit k. i don't care anymore . if you want to do so come'on bitch . there's no a rules says bitch can't go tuition . okay ? bitch , this is what i want to tell you . if i never mess you so just fking stay away from me ? duh , you're really bad in chinese ? so what ? i dont fking care . and why must you fking tell everybody ? Is that a necessary ? duh , no . last time i didnt talk to you and i just ignore you rite ? and why must you fking make it up again you little fking whore ? let me tell you something , if you wanna mess with me come'on let see who win ? i don't care if you're famous or what ? you got your gang or what ! i dont fking care . let see who's started thins fking thing . here it go . if i never fking disturb you , and so you just shut the fuck up your mouth whore . or maybe prostitude or maybe a hooker ? whatever it is , you guys disgust me bitch . fuck off seriously .

P/S: i don't fking care whore .