Thursday, June 17, 2010

heeeee :)

16 jun 2010
today no tuition so i was at home onlining and rotting slowly , and i was suppose to hang out with stephWANG, cheyanKHOO , sherlyene and chiuNIE yet daddy changed his mind and don't let me go and hang out with them ! D: i miss steph so much , like almost 1 and a half year didn't meet . deng , stephWANG i miss you D: i was so upset and moody that time cuz i can't meet my steph and cheyan D: sighs , thinking back those memories that me , cheyan and steph when we all in form 1 and it's so memorable ! thinking back it gaves me heartache . pls it's cute k ? heee
stephWANG: i miss you D: i've to wait until next hols ? god D:

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