Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tears shedding, tears dripping

Lying down under a lime tree, I start to read a book.
When there are funny moments, I laugh.
When there are sad moments, I cry.
When the sun has gone down, I closed the book.
After stretching my arms, I start to walk down to my house.
I see my door broken and open.
I decide to stay outside near a park I like.
It is a cold day but I don't mind, not at all.
Lying down under a lime tree, I close and open my eyes.
I see a lot of stars in the dark sky.
I close my eyes again to sleep.

When I open my eyes, I can see clearly because of too much light.
I don't know if it is sunlight or moonlight.
Suddenly there is an angel in front of me, telling me that I am in Heaven.
"I see."
I feel tears coming out.
And I realize that I am crying.
I am.......

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