Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yes Imma failure, Imma loser. I lose in this life game, I give up. This whole shit thing is just too hard for me. I have never been this suffer and I'm really suffocating. I don't have jolly sides of me, I'm pitiful I'm not hawtsome like everyone does. People said I look happy as always and I dont look like I'm stress and whatlever, but I feel like saying why should I show my unjolly side of me to you guys? And I know you'll worried about me. I still have long journey to go. I still have long way to go, I have my own path I have my own way, no way Im gonna deal with it. I'd enough like seriously i really had enough, I quit this game. I quit. I feel like dumping everything and be cheerful like everyone does but i just couldnt, I'm suffer I'm suffocating, I'm tired. I hope I can just continue this game but too bad I couldn't. I had bad result on my monthly test even I post in facebook I do not care about my test but on the other side, I care. I do care it. I study hard almost everynight, I pray for god, I pray I would just get at least good result but I do not get anything. I'm so epic failure. I hope I'm drunk so I can sleep till I forget everything, I hope I'm in koma or cancer so I can sleep like a dead person do. I'm tired I'm really tired. I wanna cry out loud but can I? I'm just so tired. Please lemme go.

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