Thursday, June 17, 2010

heeeee :)

16 jun 2010
today no tuition so i was at home onlining and rotting slowly , and i was suppose to hang out with stephWANG, cheyanKHOO , sherlyene and chiuNIE yet daddy changed his mind and don't let me go and hang out with them ! D: i miss steph so much , like almost 1 and a half year didn't meet . deng , stephWANG i miss you D: i was so upset and moody that time cuz i can't meet my steph and cheyan D: sighs , thinking back those memories that me , cheyan and steph when we all in form 1 and it's so memorable ! thinking back it gaves me heartache . pls it's cute k ? heee
stephWANG: i miss you D: i've to wait until next hols ? god D:

Friday, June 11, 2010

leave me alone:(

I feel very empty now . it's 1 smtg and i couldn't sleep . feel like banging smtg . i really don't care anymore like seriously no ? i dropped everything and this is it , i fking don't like it and i don't give it a damn . i don't care less or more , cuz you really irrates me , a lot . there's really about you are special enough for other people but for me it's a zero agreement , i don't care what the fuck you want since you hate me that much , yes you are i admit it . fuck you off bitch , grrrrr .

Thursday, June 10, 2010

life is complicated

life can be very complicated , it's depends whether you control it good or bad , it's depends on whether you handle it bad or good . I've thought before of commit suicide just because i can't accept who i am and who people are . And yes , i'm really stupid for have this kind of thinking way . i'm thinking way too much that time . I've just thought maybe i should just ignore it and have my life . life is simple . don't make it complicated , that's it . That's what we can do to make life simple . Isn't that easy ? everyone says that . but when they face smtg really hard i bet them wouldn't say that anymore , they'll think twice . bet with me . I win it . Does it really matter for anyone who don't like me and such ? yes , everyone has their own hater and enemy but i rather makes friend than enemy . i got everyone got . even god got cuz maybe someone hate them for being good ? their bad not ours . we do sins ojay so we couldn't blame on them . Not much as those politics , you can imagine how many people hate them . i mean a lot ? almost billions ? that's what life are . if you treat people good , they treat better than that . but if you treat them bad , then ready for people taking knife coming towards you and say you little bitch , I'm gonna kill you . that's i thought . everyone got their different thinking . not everyone the same . they born in this world but not the same parents . that's what i mean you get that ? instead of being bad why dont change yourself to be good ? It's not necessary in one hours you totally into another person , that will be crazy just a little bit changes , that makes people happy . yeah , that's what i mean . oh i don't feel posting anymore , I'm gotta accompany my sis joo leang watch horror movie , her favourite . yes , and btw i really effin fed up with someone who really hates me and such . so do i . who cares ? pffff .

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

trust or hate?

It's been a long time i didnt update my blog . I deleted my previous post cuz sometime when i read it i feel like annoying ? yes for me . i've been checking up facebook and such . somehow i think someone just gossiping around ? Listen here bitch or maybe a whore ? i don't fking care what the fuck you guys wanna do but remember mind your words fuck whore . I'm bitch ? So what ? I dont fking care okay . if you don't like me around that fking tuition that just stop that tuition . am i fking disturbing ? I guess no rite ? actually you guys fking disturbing me . I wont apology or maybe sorry begging you let me go ? eww , talk to my shit k. i don't care anymore . if you want to do so come'on bitch . there's no a rules says bitch can't go tuition . okay ? bitch , this is what i want to tell you . if i never mess you so just fking stay away from me ? duh , you're really bad in chinese ? so what ? i dont fking care . and why must you fking tell everybody ? Is that a necessary ? duh , no . last time i didnt talk to you and i just ignore you rite ? and why must you fking make it up again you little fking whore ? let me tell you something , if you wanna mess with me come'on let see who win ? i don't care if you're famous or what ? you got your gang or what ! i dont fking care . let see who's started thins fking thing . here it go . if i never fking disturb you , and so you just shut the fuck up your mouth whore . or maybe prostitude or maybe a hooker ? whatever it is , you guys disgust me bitch . fuck off seriously .

P/S: i don't fking care whore .