Monday, February 21, 2011

Why is it me ..

Why is it me, why is it have to be me. I can't stand okay. I need some peace now. I need to take a break. I'd enough. I dont like what i have now. I'm unhappy. Sorry. I'm so friggin emo now. I really can't stand it , why is it have to be me.
Seriously I don't understand why my life have to be so hard. Gosh. I think I'll just get over it. I miss the old mum and the old dad. Where have they bee
n? Why is they dissapear just like this? Tears shedding non-stop. I miss you.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I was wondering if there is a life time machine that could turn time back to when I'm still a baby and dont know everything? Sometimes, I think life could make me hard and down any time. I'm so scared. I wasn't even study for my next exam. I'm gonna study hard from now on. I hope I could do my best in my everything. I was fragile. I'm depressed. I can't do anything. I'm lifeless. I'm really emo right now. Everybody seems to see me in a different way. They see me used to be like a cheerful person as people see, but i'm not. I'm faking it. I'm quite upset now. I don't have the guts. I hate myself. It's just not me. I hope I could die right now. I'm off now. I really couldn't stand it, I guess I need to take a rest and enjoy myself. Byee peeps. I need to rest down and cool down myself. I'm stress. I don't know what to do, i'm friggin pissed off yet being mad of myself. sigh. Whatlever it is, I hope I can turn back the time to when I'm still a baby.

Lots of loves, xo ):

Saranghae oppa

Oppa, saranghae. Sayaechukahamida nan chong men miyahne. Nan sarang oppa
Oppa, happy birthday! Sorry late wish. I hope you the best Oppa!
eeeee, wo de ai ren
Oppa, last but not least, happy birthday! Shen re kuai lek!! WO AI NI AH oppa